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The service, availability, courtesy and preservation of our clients' interests are our milestones in providing as fast as possible to the door of the customer, with mutual cooperation for fruitful and successful work.

As an integral part of Hermon, the company employs a number of engineers and control managers to ensure excellent planning and control for the range of products offered to our customers, in addition to providing a response to any demand, improvement and special adjustments for specific projects.

The many years of experience we acquired came from the executive side of the sister contractor company and as final customers we used and installed the products of most of the concrete products suppliers in the economy, which enabled us to examine very well all the defects and shortcomings of the products we worked to repair and improve the solutions.




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Identity Symbols

Manhole cover with symbols from brass, copper and iron, in any size required and customized according to customer requirements. 

Shipping Services

Shipping service up to the customer's location to all parts of the country immediately after the completion of the order, it will be transferred for loading and shipping. 

Related Products
We provide a large number of related products to our clients in the field of manhole covers such as stairway trenches, lifting glasses ... etc.  
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Hermon Infrastructure Products Ltd.

P.O.BOX 404 , Eilaboun , 1697200

Tel: +972 77 - 22 00 221

Fax: +972 4  - 67 81 830

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